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About Us

Lead generation is our trade but real estate investing is the goal.

Leadbucks was founded in 2017 as an outsource lead generation and virtual assistance company, we are a savant that specializes in acquiring off-market properties.

Every month, we work with thousands of homeowners who are looking for a way to sell their homes quickly. You may already be running a profitable real estate business and wonder, "Why to mess with the flow?"Leadbucks can assist you in growing, making your job easier, and increasing your profits.
We have multiple years of experience providing pre-qualified leads to real estate investors, agents, realtors, and wholesalers.

After bombarding ourselves with leads for years and just giving our extra leads away to investors and wholesalers in our local areas we realized we had an upper hand in the industry as far as lead gen for motivated sellers goes. We were generating 20X the leads a normal investor in our area was getting and everyone in the industry locally all of a sudden wanted to be our friend! We realized that investors nationwide probably had the same problem generating leads and that is why we created!

The Owner of the company

Matt Ryan

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Founder & Owner

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